Small Groups


We believe that along with Sunday School, small groups are a vital way for individuals and families to connect and study the Word of God.  We certainly desire for this church to grow in number, but more importantly, we pray that we will grow closer to one another as we draw closer to Jesus.  Small groups are designed to promote these desires, and we are excited that several groups have already begun to meet.  If you are interested in being in a small group or leading a group, please let us know.  The most effective groups are those which are comprised of members in the same season of life, and we would be happy to help you build your group if you desire.  Discussion-based learning is extremely effective, and we are very excited to see how God uses this to further His kingdom.  Please contact Jonathan or the church office if you have any questions.

Can We Pray for You?


FBC Prayer Ministry is available for your prayer concerns. Please place your completed prayer request form in the Prayer Box on the prayer ministry table in the foyer.  If you would like to be on one of our seven prayer teams, please see Sandra Newman or Danielle Brown for more details.