About Us

To say that the Lord has provided for our church would be an incredible understatement!  Time and time again, God has shown us assurance through our steps of faith, reminding us that He is our Waymaker.  Our ultimate mission is to bring hearts to Jesus, and while doing so, may we never settle in weariness or complacency.  Continual progress, attainable goals, steps of faith, prayerful guidance, obedient hearts, and advancement of our ministries is who we are and what we are doing.  Transformation is happening, not only among lives in our church and community, but even among our facilities, as detailed below.  We give God all the glory for His hand of provision from where He has brought us to where He is leading us.

Falls Creek Cabin

Opportunity arose in 2015 to purchase and renovate a cabin at Falls Creek.  While this was not at the forefront of our minds at the time, we trusted God's timing for us.  Numerous volunteers and contractors worked diligently with one goal in mind:  to have the cabin ready for the 2016 summer camps.  Indeed, the Lord made a way!  Not only did the cabin get completed in time for camp, but our 125-person capacity cabin was rented for the majority of that first summer, resulting in hundreds of additional kids who were able to experience Falls Creek! 

To further emphasize God's abundant blessing of His resources, the selflessness in giving by our church family allowed us to pay-off the cabin in 2019!  We are incredibly thankful for a beautiful Falls Creek cabin with a great location and up-to-date amenities that will serve as a place where lives can be forever changed!


Our church recognized the need for a commercial playground in 2017, but estimated costs for the equipment totaled $25,000.  The higher-than-expected costs did not divert our focus, so with prayerful stewardship, we pressed forward and pursued our efforts.  We raised $10,000 towards the future playground, and although well under the goal, we were met with another blessing by God when we received commercial playground equipment fully donated to us by MacArthur Blvd. Baptist Church in Irving, TX!  It was not by coincidence that the $10,000 we raised allowed us to complete the project for the following:  perimeter fencing, professional installation to set and secure the playground, and mulch bedding for the base.  God once again showed up in an amazing way to lead us through a journey like only He can.

May we someday generously bless another church as they did for us!

Digital Sign

You may have noticed an eye-catching improvement to our church grounds when we purchased a digital sign in January of 2018.  The sign is easily recognizable from motorists on Hwy 70, and our intent is that it will give people weekly service times, special event details, and encouraging words.


Our 5th and 6th graders were growing in number and needed a designated space to meet.  While it was a good problem to have, we were patient in waiting yet persistent in seeking a solution, and once again, God provided.  We purchased two additional buildings that were located directly adjacent to our other buildings.  Long before the purchase, we had already envisioned the potential for these buildings and how they would add value to our ministry someday.  Remodeling one of the buildings began immediately after purchasing it in 2018, and by the Spring of 2019, it was open as the Bullpen for our 5th and 6th graders.  It is now "their" building, and a place for fun, fellowship, and ministry.  The second building is serving as a much needed storage facility for equipment. 

The Lord greatly blessed our church through the ups and downs of the Covid-19 pandemic.  As 2020 came to a close, we began the process of painting, re-trimming, and updating the exterior of our metal buildings, which included the bullpen, storage, and youth buildings.  Upon its completion in the Spring of 2021, we then began to remodel the interior of the youth building, including paint, carpet, chairs, furniture, and so much more!  We are now forward looking and prayerful in God's timing for a newly built sanctuary.  In the meantime, the exterior of our Fellowship Hall has been remodeled to coordinate with a new sanctuary.  Stay tuned for further progress!

Click here to view more pictures of construction progress!